Rattlesnake Ridge Hike

I hiked for the first time with the Oldtimers recently. After breakfast at Clarence's in Unicoi we drove to Rock Creek Park and climbed up the Rattlesnake ridge trail to the Unaka Mountain overlook and back. This is about a ten-mile hike and pretty strenuous.
Hemlock on Unaka
Rhododendron Leaves Cup and Curl
I love this trail though and have hiked it many times. This time of year is especially beautiful. As one climbs the ridge up to nearly a mile high the flora is often covered with an icy coating of hoarfrost.
Laurel Hoarfrost
Natural Christmas Tree
Ridge Hoarfrost
The wind through the frozen tops of the trees made a rattling tinkling sound like a crystal chandelier.
Iced Trees
From Pleasant Fields at the end of the trail the rounded summit of Unaka Mountain could be seen above us as well as the frosted tops of other distant ridges.
Unaka Mountain
Ridge Hoarfrost
The wind was blowing up at the overlook and the temperature before factoring windchill was about 30 degrees. Needless to say, we didn't take very long for lunch and quickly got back into the woods and down the mountain...
Laurel Hoarfrost

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