We hiked from the Twenty Mile Ranger Station on Saturday 06/24 to Gregory Bald by the Wolf ridge Trail and returned by the Long Hungy Ridge Trail. 15 miles total. This was one of the azaleas on the way up.

Campsite Thirteen on the Wolf Ridge Trail GSM (Great Smokey Mountains)

Flame Azalea on Bald Mtn

The towers of Camp Creek Bald are visible in the background.

clouds over Bald Mtn

Blackstack Cliffs from Bald Mtn

Flame Azalea between Indian Grave Gap and Beauty Spot

Rich Mtn Firetower

Sunlight in the ferns near the top of Rich Mtn.

...slime mold?

Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora)

Morning Mist in Allen Gap

No chance of me getting a ticket any time soon.


06/03/06 2:04 PM

Eastern Turkey Beard or Beargrass (xerophyllum asphodeloides)

Fire-control practices have helped make them hard to find in some areas. In the absence of a fire, relatively few turkey beard plants produce flowers each year. The National Geographic reports that after a fire, however, they need only a year to recover before blooming.


Flame Azalea (Rhododendron calendulaceum) above Allen Gap


Areus - Former gymnast from Lithuania. He hiked the entire Smokies in just 4 days and roasted his first marshmellows with us at Flint Gap Shelter.

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