Wildlife Plot

Wildlife Plot
Climbing the Devil's Creek Trail out of Lost Cove brought us to this open field; a wildlife plot maintained by the NC Forest Service. Turning left here onto the Bear Woods Trail we continued to ascend to Devil's Creek Gap and the AT. Then we picked up FS 278 to continue on around the other side of Flattop to reach our cars under Joe Lewis Fields.

A Profusion of Ferns

A Profusion of Ferns

We ascended from Lost Cove on the Devil's Creek and Bear Woods Trails. Several times along the trail on the north side of Flattop Mountain we crossed what I call "Devil Creeks". Boulder strewn, fern covered talus slopes where you could hear the sound of a rushing gurgling stream, but not see it.

Lost Cove

Old House

As far as I know this is the only remaining house still standing in Lost Cove. Most of the old houses have been burned down. Only the chimneys and foundations remain of those.

Old Truck and Chimney

This old homesite is one of the most recently burned. The char on surrounding trees can be still be seen. There is an old international truck covered in bullet holes with nothing remaining of its engine but the block.

Old Truck

There is also a small cemetary in Lost Cove with about a dozen gravesites.
Tombstone in Lost Cove

Bear Woods

Bear Woods

This 'B' and the blaze mark one end of the Devil's Creek/Bear Woods Trail.

Nolichuckey Gorge

Nolichuckey Gorge

A view across the Nolichuckey River Gorge from Joe Lewis Fields.

Joe Lewis Fields

Joe Lewis Fields

With the JC Hikers on our way to Lost Cove on 11/18.


Sand Cave

On the other side of Cumberland Mountain, behind White Cliffs is a great cave full of sand...

White Rocks

An impressive line of cliffs on Cumberland Mountain in Ewing Virginia.

Holston High Knob

Some views from the tower on Holston High Knob...

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