Green Knob Firetower

About a hundred feet north of the Green Knob Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, there is a trail that leads up to a firetower on the actual Green Knob. There is nothing at the overlook to tell people about this, I just happened to be looking up information about firetowers the night before and decided to check it out. The tower is open and the view is fantastic.

Fall Color on the Blue Ridge Parkway

... went for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway on 10/22 to catch some of the color. It was pretty cloudy at times especially around the Black Mountains. Nevertheless, I was graced with some wonderful views along the way...

A view of Rocky Fork from I-26...

These pictures were taken from the I-26 overlook. Flint Mountain is the long ridge on the right. Frozen Knob and Higgens Ridge are on the left.

A view of I-26 from Rocky Fork...

Though the trees obscure the view, I-26 can be seen here winding down from Sam's Gap at the upper right to the Flag Pond Exit at the lower left. Click on the picture for a larger view...


Rocky Fork Hike

Fortunately no one got significantly wet today, though I think Debi got one foot in on the way back. It was a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky and with the colors nearly at their peak. We were blessed with yellows, reds, and browns of every shade as we travelled through the trees along the beautiful Rocky Fork and Flint Creeks.


One Major Stream crossing...

I will be leading an 8 mile moderate hike for the Johnson City Hikers in Rocky Fork on the 14th. There will be a few rock hops, with one major stream crossing. We will cross Rocky Fork Creek once on the way up and once on the way back. If anyone wishes to join us we will leave the Jonesborough Post Office at 8 AM Saturday morning. Bring a pack lunch, plenty of water and some gas money.

Sylvan Beauty in Rocky Fork

From 10/09...

...green and yellow in Rocky Fork

from 10/09

Water and Light

I found this beautiful cascade after chasing down a sunbeam in Rocky Fork...

Green Rocks in Rocky Fork

From 10/09...

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