Done Deal!

Done Deal!
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Good news! The Rocky Fork watershed has been purchased! On Monday the U.S. Forest Service bought 2,237 acres for $8.4 million, and the Conservation Fund bought the remaining 7,387 acres for $31.6 million. The Conservation Fund's part of the purchase is made with the intent of holding it until the money can be raised to transfer it to state ownership.

Read about it here, here, or here.

This is a purchase that many individuals and conservation groups have been working towards for more than a decade.

1. Rocky Fork Triple Cascade, 2. A Rocky Fork Salamander, 3. White House Cliff, 4. In Our Hands, 5. Lower Higgins Creek Falls, 6. Lower Higgins Creek, 7. Mountains of Rocky Fork, 8. Triple Cascade, 9. Flint Mountain, 10. Rocky Fork, 11. Epiphytic, 12. Rocky Fork Cascade, 13. Good Sized Salamander

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