The Sinks

I hiked with the JC Hikers yesterday in the Great Smokey Mountains. We walked on the Curry Mountain Trail, Meigs Mountain, and Meigs Creek Trails. The temperature when we started was in the mid-teens and got up into the thirties by the afternoon.

Bearprint in the Snow
This bear print was spotted in the snow beside the Curry Mountain Trail.

Maigs Mountain Trail
Intersection of Curry Mountain Trail and Meigs Mountain Trail

Shadows and Snow on the Cemetary
A short side trail off the Meigs Mountain Trail leads to an old family cemetary.

Polly Huskey
One of two legible headstones in the cemetary. I believe it reads...Born Oct 23 1866 Died Jan 12 1909.

Evidence of the Wooly Adelgid
We saw many dead or dying hemlocks like this one.

Evidence of the Wooly Adelgid
One of the fallen hemlock branches with evidence of Wooly Adelgid infestation.

Meigs Creek
Sunlight on the ice-encrusted rocks in Meigs Creek.

Waterfall on Meigs Creek
Cascade on Meigs Creek.

Ice and Liquid
Ice on Meigs Creek.

Ice on Meigs Creek
Every stone in the stream had an icy ring.

Waterfall on Meigs Creek
Waterfall on Meigs Creek.

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