Hike in Rocky Fork

Led a hike for the JC Hikers today. We did a 10 mile strenuous hike from Rocky Fork Rd, along the creek, up the ridge past Wilson Knob and Frozen Knob, to the lake and back.

An incredible sunrise greeted me while driving through Johnson City on I-26 to meet the other hikers. The morning sunlight was flooding past Hump Mtn and through a gap...


Southside Plaza

The trails in Rocky Fork are old logging roads that make for fairly easy hiking. The route we took today was a steady climb for the first four miles or so with views of Coldspring Mountain to the south...

Coldspring Mountain

Lone Hiker

On our way back we stopped to take pictures of the beautiful Rocky Fork Creek...

JC Hikers

Triple Cascade

It was a great hike and it was good to see everyone out. Howard, Faye, Debi, Jerry, Vera, Joel, Joy, Chris, Landon, and Elif. Hope to see everyone again soon.

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Mushy said...

Thanks for sharing these with us.

I start back Wednesday - can't wait to get back out there. We're off to Tellico.

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